Just like every precious stone, El Yakoot, Ruby in English, has a meaning, a symbol and a birth month.

  • Ruby comes from Old French “Rubi”, from Medieval Latin “Rubinus Lapis” and from the base of Latin “Rubeus”, all meaning “RED”.
  • El Yakoot symbolizes energy and adventures. For centuries, it was associated with good physical health, wealth and prosperity. Above all, it is said to help find work. It explains why this recruitment platform is named “El Yakoot’”. 
  • Launching this platform on the 31st of July is not a coincidence as July is known to be the birth month of El Yakoot. 


After this etymological and historical overview of the word “ElYakoot”, we are pleased to welcome you on this “recruitment platform”, hoping:

  • If you are a job seeker: to find the “dream job” that meets your aspiration and puts on the right track to build up a fulfilling career. This is a friendly user platform built to assist you in your “job hunt”. Do not hesitate to make the best use of it. 
  • If you are an employer: to find the most suitable future employees who will add value to your organization and help in achieving your business goals. Posting the job vacancies and searching for the right profiles are two features designed in an efficient and effective way to maximize your return on investment.