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Bank Branch Manager

Several Alpha & Beta banks in Lebanon are looking to hire talented & energetic Branch Managers who are willing to take the business to the next level.
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Aug 09, 2017

Job Responsibilities

Being a Bank Branch Manager is no longer about managing the daily bank operations and coordinating with the current staff/team.

The banks we are sourcing for are looking for energetic and passionate Branch Manager who are aware and convinced that the Business Opportunities are outside the bank walls not inside.

Having said so, we are looking for experience banking managers willing to "work outside the walls", identify the opportunities in the market, search for potential clients, analyse their needs and match them with what the bank can offer as products so satisfy those needs.

The conventional Branch Bank Manager sitting all day in his office, signing papers and supervising the team is no longer needed in this extremely competituve market.

SalaryLocationReferenceVacancy FieldStart Date
$4001 – $5000Lebanon, LebanonBRS - 101Business & ServicesJan 01, 2018